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Spring News Fae The Hoose

Hi Friend,

A wee Spring issue of the Hamishes’ Hoose Herald. There seems to be an abundance of daffodils about the place and the clocks go forward this weekend leading to longer days and shorter nights, yeehaaa! Break oot the barbies and the flip flops.

But don’t forget that right here in Paisley toon, Hamishes’ has some of the best entertainment this side of the KingstonBridge. Republic of Soul on Saturday the 31st to round of the Lion month and in the Lamb month we will be taking part in the new #inspiredinpaisley festival on the 21st April with Shoot the Craw, a fantastic female-led rock covers band. Chris the DJ/Presenter specialises in giving the Ladies (and Guys) a good time every time he lifts the microphone to his lips during our weekly Karaoke Sessions.

A race night in aid of local women 4 Women group is on the cards for the 26th April, bookies and punters, nags and jockeys, winners and losers and drunk and sober, the Cheltenham festival comes tae the Hoose, look out yer finery ladies and gents.

Remember, the best ever deal on our Food continues to astound the Renfrewshire public. Yep the Hamishes’ Buy One Get One Free deal on all main meals is still the greatest giveaway since the loaves and fishes scene out of The Life of Brian, sorry Bishop. Every day, all day, from 12 noon till 9pm you can lighten your financial load by bringing the family into the Hoose for some excellently fabulous tasting food.

A wee word about our bevy section which must be treated responsibly, watch yer units!!

We have added some established and very new drinks to our portfolio.












Belhaven Black is a great Scottish Stout, slightly sweeter and stronger than Guinness, we will be offering it at 20p less than our Irish cousins brew.







Carling Lager is Britain’s No 1 Lager and will be available from Hamishes’ Hoose at £2.50 from Monday till Thursday.

Belhaven Light is a well established but under used draught beer, it is Light and refreshing, full of flavour and goes very well with our famous beer battered haddock and chips. As an introductory offer we will price it at £2.00 per pint all day every day. (Prices subject to Osborne’s wrath on Wednesday)
So the message is clear – Hamishes’ Hoose strives to bring the best food and drink at better than fair prices to all our customers, old and new. Yer Welcome at the Hoose!!
Visit the website at www.hamisheshoose.co.uk
Twitter http://twitter.com/hamishes

Your Hamishes’, Oor Hamishes’, a’ body’s Hamishes’
(sorry DC Thomson)
Hamishes’ Hoose