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One Dance Studio – Get Listed Get Advertised

Are you a Dance or Fitness Professional with regular classes or workshops?


Would you like more customers to attend your classes?


Would you like more exposure for your classes online?


If you have answered Yes to any of the above then being listed  on the One Dance Studio Directory is for you!


Our website currently gets between 300-500 hits per week and by being listed on the directory your class will get an immediate increase in exposure and advertising.  We will have Maximised SEO in place so that your classes come up in your geographical location.


We will also take time to market and advetise your classes in the appropriate websites in your area to maximise awareness.


Your options:

  • get listed on the directory only
  • get listed and get additional advertising


We currently have an ‘end of tax year offer’ where you can get all of the above for only £10 per month, a three month minimum contract is required.

For more details please email: info@onedancestudio.co.uk


The Benefits of being listed on the One Dance Studio Directory

  • classes on our directory are fully listed, including class description, contact details, price details, and also have a map within the listing.
  • our website already has high numbers of traffic specific for dance, fitness and martial arts classes which means your class will get an increase in exposure.
  • your listing will be specifically SEO’d to make sure when people are searching for your class on google it comes high up within the search engine.
  • your class listing has the option of having a video or picture gallery within it.
  • if you chose to be listed as well as advertised with us your classes will be advertised outwith the directory on our site and on other websites again maximising exposure and awareness of the classes you run.
  • by taking both options we will include you within ‘our‘ paid advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • if you dont have a website, being on our directory will allow you to have a strong online presence.
  • because we are advertising for you and listing your class is will free more time up for you to either focus on other areas of your business or it will give you time to relax.
  • if you have been unsure of what website to advertise on before you no longer need to, we specifically use the websites we know that get a high numbers of traffic and that rank high in google when using the search engine.
  • we use our social media sites to further promote and advertise your class listings