Royal Alexandra Hospital Paisley

I was looking for the RAH ‘Royal Alexandra Hospital’ Paisley and I found the NHS website a bit of a nightmare to find the telephone number so I have decide to put it on the Paisley Blog so that people can find it a bit easier, I will also put it on the useful contacts section “which shall be live soon”

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is bursting at the seams as the intake area for the hospital is huge and the staff are under immense pressure which they cope with admirably but anyways here is the contact information for the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley

The Telephone number is 0141 887 9111

The Royal Alexandra  has a frequent  bus service the timetables can be found in our travel section by going to

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Mr B J mann
20/08/2008 9:07 pm

But where is their website?!?!?!?

Thanks for this, couldn’t find it otherwise. They don’t appear to have a website.

booked in here for an op this week. Im a bit worried with the hospitals mrsa reputation . I was also told not to take any valubles in– so am I to be robbed as well as infected with superbugs?

Ull get mrsa and robbed in any hospital to be honest! Funny how the papers dont put in the good articles about the RAH!

This is the RAH website. Unfortunately, it is run by Greater Glasgow and Clyde, whose IT facilities leave a lot to be desired.

Thanks for info.Great help.


Critical swine flu case Paisley : Paisley Blog
02/06/2009 9:14 pm

[…] The 45-year old from Paisley is one of two new critical cases being treated in intensive care at the Royal Alexandra in Renfrewshire. […]

was in the a&e reception area last week it needs a good clean dryed blood on the floor in the room were i was left blood on the underside of the bed good points staff are wonderfull not sure about the cleaners must have been a cleaning holiday

Tony, just to make you aware, there is only one domestic to cover the whole of the very busy A&E and only between 7am & 10pm (crazy I know, should be 24hr). It only takes minutes for blood to dry in that heat and if you were taken in straight after someone else then the domestic would not have had the chance to clean it and anyway, bloodspills are not the job of the “cleaners” who are not trained or inoculated to deal with blood but of the nursing assistant (auxillary). So before you give anyone a bad name you should get your facts straight, the doctors and nurses are not the only ones who are over worked! And anyway, what were you doing underneath the bed in the first place?

To be honest I can only say good things about RAH… maybe not very clean maybe not sophisticated but the stuff there are wonderfull and very dedicated, always happy to help. I had to deal with come consultants as well and I think they were very professional and again very helpfull.

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